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Encompass is a full-service financial benefit company. We’re the stewards of hardworking professionals’ futures, their connection to their aspirations and financial security.

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With decades of industry experience, we’re prepared to counsel and help sketch your financial roadmaps.

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Gain insights about the possibilities of your financial future—pensions, retirement plans, and life insurance.

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Knowledge is power. We’re here to help you choose what your financial future will look like.

Who We Are

At Encompass, we strive for more: more attention to detail, more urgency to help our clients, more confidence that we possess simple solutions to better manage our clients' financial roadmap.


Knowing what to do with your money can be the most challenging part of getting started with your retirement.

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NOTE: Insurance Products are offered through Teacher’s Pension & Insurance Services, an affiliated firm.
DISCLOSURE: Financial circumstances change, all investments carry risk of loss, and outcomes cannot be guaranteed.